We all have a past in love and divorce. When I think of these exes, I now think that they were hypnotizing me or that I was dating myself blindly. I mean, that’s what I thought about at the time. Now I burst into laughter when I read those old debates or pictures. 
Our Bollywood celebrities are no exception. They too regret many steps of their lives later or laugh at those fools. However, they are part of all independent decisions in life. is not it? Once we begin to improve in life, we no longer look back, and these past decisions no longer have any value. Here we make a list of Bollywood celebrities they were familiar with before they became famous. 
I’ve got some couples here today who have moved on from their relationship.
This is how I reacted when I saw that my favorite celebrity fell in love with it.

Aliya Bhat – Ali Dadrakar
Aliya and Ali were childhood friends and loved their school life. Read Alia’s glamorous look as we see in the movie ‘Student of the Year’.

Jacqueline Fernandez – Hassan
Bin Rasid Al Khalifa The sight of this Sri Lankan beauty made us all fall on our eyes when we saw her in the Judwaa 2 promo. 
Earlier he was in love with the prince of Bahrain. But when the director Sajid’s love for him became apparent, they were broken.

Deepika Padukone – In Nihar Pandey,
Deepika fell in love with Nihar in her early years. Who was a model and emerging actor. Deepika later becomes a very popular Bollywood actress, but Nihar remains anonymous.

Arjun Kapoor –
Before Arpita Khan Sharma came to Bollywood, Arjun fell in love with the sister of Bollywood ‘brother-in-law’ Salman Khan. She confessed in an interview that her first and last love was Arpita. 
However, Arpita is now married and the mother of a child and Arjun is still making movies.

Priyanka Chopra – Infinite Merchant
‘Wanted’ movie actor Asim once fell in love with Priyanka Chopra. He came to Limelight for the reason that he said he would do a movie about the life of Priyanka Chopra.

Farida Pinto – Rohan Antao
Farida leaves her Indian lover to become an actress in Hollywood. According to the news he was in love with Rohan but only he can tell what caused their breakup.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan – Rajiv Mulchandani
will surprise everyone with the news that Aishwarya once fell in love with Rajiv Mulchandani during his modeling career. But when he got into the movie and became quite popular, Aishwarya broke up with Rajiv.

Aditya Roy Kapoor – Ahana Deol
Ranbir’s first crush Avantika, wife of Imran Khan. He said that he loved Avantika when Avantika worked as a child artist.

Ranbir Singh – Ahana Deol
Yes, you are right. Ranbir Singh Bittu was in love with Ahna Deol long before he played the role of Sharma. When they were in college together.

Sonakshi Sinha –
Before Aditya Shroff Dabang made a movie, Sonakshi used to love Aditya Shroff. But the relationship did not last long. Later, Aditya married TV actress Megha Gupta.

Anushka Sharma – Johab Yusuf
Anushka and Johab loved each other while in Bangalore. Later, they came to Mumbai together to surprise fate. Then Anushka got a chance for a big movie at Josh Raj Production House but Johab couldn’t do anything and he moved to Bangalore. And their relationship ends there.

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