Bollywood blasphemy storm over child rapist bail

Bollywood blasphemy storm over child rapist bail

An Indian railway station abducts a 5-year-old sleeping baby from a mother’s lap. The kidnapper then beheaded the child after the gang rape. The brutal murderer Rinku Shah was a professional criminal on bail. Now a storm of condemnation is taking place in Bollywood with his bail. 

Rinku had earlier abducted two children. He was granted bail for six months in that case. ‘How does Rinku get bail in a serious case?’ Bollywood actor Farhan Akhtar asked such questions. Actress Anushka Sharma also demanded final punishment for the culprits in the tweet. Sonu Saud also demanded the death sentence as a severe punishment. SSP of Jamshedpur said, “The court has decided to grant bail. No comment can be made on this. 

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