Easy to earn from Facebook

Easy to earn from Facebook
Easy to earn from Facebook

If you want to earn money online, this is good news for you. Facebook is the world’s largest social media opportunity to earn money.

It is reported that Facebook has opened a new app that will help Facebook pay its users. Instead of money, the user has to share his information. The name of this new app is study.

Facebook said the new study app is different from the previous two apps and the app can only be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

With this app, Facebook will be able to monitor the movements of its users. With this app, Facebook will know what other user has used the app and what the user has done in the app. With this, Facebook will also know how much time a user spends on an app.

However, Facebook claims, the user will not know the message, password of this app. This app will periodically notify you that your data is being collected.

The Study ‘app can only be installed by adults on the phone. If anyone wants to earn money from the ‘Study’ app, he must have a PayPal account.

When installing the app, the user’s phone will screen, exactly what kind of information the app will collect. In addition, the ‘Study’ app will tell you what information will be used for the purpose.

However, Facebook did not say how much money would be paid to the user or what information would be used to collect the information. Facebook is launching the app primarily in the US and India.


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