Faceapps now has the data of 10 million people

Faceapps now has the data of 10 million people
Faceapps now has the data of 10 million people

Social media is now filled with images of the elderly. It would seem, everyone is old by the hoot! Many people are getting older in the picture using an app called FaceApp. And now these images are sixth in social media.

Along with reducing age, hair styles are changing with the app. Besides, uploading any pictures from a smartphone to their own server is also done. Faceapps empowers people with the ability to look, look, and create images of different ages. At the same time, people are giving Faceapps the power to use their pictures and names for as long as they wish.

A company in St. Petersburg, Russia, has created Faceapps. It gained popularity in 20 years. At that time it was ranked among the most downloaded apps in the Google Play Store. This time more than 100 million people downloaded Faceapps from the Google Play Store. According to App Annie, Faceapps is currently at the top of the list of iOS app stores in 120 countries.

But trouble is elsewhere. The terms of use of Faceapps are threatening the security of the user. The terms of use of Faceapps, including the use of this app, allow you to use all images, your own name, what you choose and all information uploaded on the Company’s servers for commercial purposes. In addition, allow Faceapps to make a perpetual, irrevocable, exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide, full-payment, reproduction, modification, adaptation, publication, translation, distribution, publicly perform and display.Many consider these terms of Faceapps a personal security threat. Because, Faceapps is uploading stored pictures of the user’s smartphone without permission. In many cases this may not be dangerous. Photos of the Faceapps user may be on the Amazon server in the United States. Forbes says Faceapps has a license to do whatever it takes to give people pictures and names.

But in the last few years, it has been shown that the information that viral Faceapps apps have collected has not been used in the way that people are guessing. However, the information collected is not properly stored. In this case, there is the danger of insecurity.

Former Rackspace manager Rob Na Geez says that to use Faceapps properly, you need to allow access to all your pictures.

Cambridge Analytica was accused of seizing the information of at least five million users of Faceapps during the US election in May 28. The British firm has been accused of working on Trump’s behalf by handing over Faceapps information during the election. Later, some other organizations took over Faceapps user information.

Experts say that Faceapps wants access to the photo gallery after logging in. At the same time, if you want to use the app with Faceapps or take pictures from Faceapps, you have to give the user permission. As a result, the app can take control of the user’s photo gallery itself. Similarly, Faceapps can also take ID-password. This creates a security risk.

So far, the app has not done anything dishonest to alert anyone on their personal device. Yet security remains at risk.


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