Google Map will tell you about the train congestion

How are the crowds on the train? Google Map
How are the crowds on the train? Google Map

How about traffic on the road? He has said the information before. This time Google Maps will provide information about the train congestion.

Google Maps will also update the bus and metro congestion if the bus is delayed due to traffic.

Google monitors the activity of each smartphone user. When a person searches on an app on Google, that information is saved to Google. Besides, Google runs surveys by asking users various questions on multiple apps, including YouTube.

Google provides users with various services from this user data. They have been collecting data for the new Google Maps service since October last year. The service has already been launched in 20 cities around the world.

However, many have complained of misdirection on Google. Google recently drove drivers to the muddy field in Denver to show the shortcut road.


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