How to listen to music on YouTube by keeping the smartphone screen off

How to listen to music on YouTube by keeping the smartphone screen off
Screen music can be turned off by playing music in different music apps. The music can be heard in the music player app on Android phones. Or even minimize the app and open another app.
But when the music is heard during the video on YouTube, the phone is turned off when the screen is off. Moreover, the song was closed when YouTube came out to open another app.
This feature is only available on trial periods when YouTube music is played in the background. Then the extra money is counted. But today I will tell you a method that can be used to listen to music on YouTube even without screen off.
1) First open the video of your favorite song on YouTube from your phone’s Google Chrome browser.
2) Now go to the settings option in the right-hand corner of the browser.
3) Turn on the Desktop Mode option.
4) After that the YouTube page will be reloaded. After reloading, the YouTube page will look like a desktop on your phone.
5) Now play your favorite video. After the video starts playing, touch the phone’s Home button.
6) With the touch of home, the song will stop. But there is no problem with that. Swipe down the phone’s notification bar. There you will see the song paused. Play from there this time. You can get the same option on your phone’s lock screen.
7) After the screen off, the song will continue. You can listen to music on YouTube without leaving the phone pocket. Data consumption will also be less. This way you can use YouTube-like apps like Facebook-WhatsApp while listening.

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