Instructions for starting a call center at the insurance company’s office

Instructions for starting a call center at the insurance company's office

The regulatory body Insurance Development and Regulatory Authority (IDRA) has directed all insurance companies to launch CallCenter to provide various types of information services, including customer complaints.

By August 7, companies that are doing business in the country will have to collect the hotline number from the Bangladesh Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (BTRC) and launch the call center. At the same time the hotline number has to be published on the company’s website.

On July 5, a directive from the Insurance Development and Regulation Authority was sent along with the chief executive officer of all insurance companies. The chairman of the Insurance Development and Control Authority signed the directive. Shafiqur Rahman Patwari.

The directive states that Bangladesh’s insurance sector is popular and lacks initiative to create public confidence in it. There are many public inquiries about insurance.

The public wants to know where they will insure, how to insure, what kind of policy to buy, where to complain and how to complain, what benefits will be provided to the insurer, what will be the disadvantages of not paying insurance premium on time and surrendering policy and insurance customer How insurance claims and complaints will be settled.

It is also imperative that every insurer (insurance company) have to install a call center in their respective offices to give the public a clear and clear idea on these matters.

It said that by August 1, a hotline number should be collected from the BTRC and a call center should be installed at their respective establishments. At the same time, the hotline number provided by BTRC will be displayed on the company’s website and the promotion will be arranged. IDRA will have to inform the IDRA about setting up a call center with a hotline number by August 25.

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