Malaysia filed 115 charges against Zakir Naik

India’s controversial Islamic thinker and speaker Zakir Naik may have to leave Malaysia. He was staying in Malaysia from India. But three ministers have demanded his expulsion at a recent cabinet meeting that allowed him to stay permanently in Malaysia. Not only that, he has been accused of ruining the peace. Malaysian police say they have begun an investigation into the matter.

“We have started the investigation process,” Federal CID Director Huzir Mohammad told a press conference Thursday from the Selangor police headquarters. Meanwhile, 115 charges have been filed against Zakir Naik.

Zakir Naik has called for Chinese nationals living in Malaysia to return home earlier. He mentioned them as an old guest of Malaysia. In response to a religious discussion in Kelantan, he was asked to return to his home country.

On the same occasion, he said that the minority Hindus in Malaysia are more than five times the rights of the minorities of India. Relatively, 5 percent of Malaysians, except the 5 percent Muslim, are of Chinese and Indian origin. The criticism surrounding his comments has begun.

Claiming that he should be expelled from the country, three Malaysian ministers said Zakir Naik had made such remarks in order to build distance for non-Muslims with Malaysian Muslims.

Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Affairs Minister Govind Singh Deo said in a statement: “We have informed our position. He should not be allowed to stay in Malaysia by taking action against Zakir Naik. The preacher has already been banned from entering Singapore.

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