Pramila DPS Scheme for Women Insurance Customers – With Profit


Half of the total population of Bangladesh is women. Most of the women live in villages. Most of them have little education and no independent income. Again there are some who are highly educated and highly educated. All women, including the least educated and highly educated, need economic, political, social and administrative empowerment. At the same time, insurance policy has emphasized the importance of women in insurance. Life Insurance Corporation is going to formulate a new scheme with special privileges for women, aimed at economic, political, social and administrative empowerment of women and realizing the importance of insurance policies.


2. Although the name of the insurer is the Pramila DPS scheme, both men and women can accept the insurance.

2. This insurance does not apply to conventional first pregnancy for female life.

2. Premium must be submitted in monthly installment. However, once a maximum of one year (12 months) premium can be deposited in advance.

2. The insurance policy can be accepted for any period of minimum 5 years to maximum 5 years.

2. Minimum entry age is 5 years, maximum entry age is 5 years. The maturity period will not be more than 4 years. For the new scheme, only a prescribed form has to be filled out as a proposal form. Age proof must be submitted along with the proposal form.

2. No medical examination report should be provided on this insurance.

2. Minimum monthly deposit amount is 1 / – (One hundred) Maximum monthly deposit is Rs. 1 / – (Ten thousand).

2. Payment of Sum Assured (with profit) to the insured at the end of the term. In the event of premature death of the insured, the insured will be paid to the nominee with the earned profits.

2. Income tax rebate will be available on the premium paid.

2. The insurance can be deducted and loaned.

2. Option “C” will be applicable only on the insurance premium paid method.

12. No insurance rebate will be paid on the large sums of insurance and payment method.


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