Short Term Insurance – With Profit


Introduction: Popular as a means of financial assurance and family security.

Insurance numbers Minimum Tk
Term 3-5 years
Age of entry  25 to 5 years
Age at maturity 3 years (maximum)
Payment method  Monthly, quarterly, quarterly, yearly


On maturity If the insured survives till the maturity of the insurance, the bonus is paid to the insured according to the insurance score, compound reversionary bonus and accrued valuation.
Death demands Upon the death of the insured, the sum assured is paid to the nominee (s), including the sum of the sum of doubled premium paid up to the death and the bonus determined according to the accrued valuation.
Investment If the insurance is turned on after paying two years premium then maximum 5% of the surrender value of investment can be accepted in simple terms.
Insurance deduction After paying the premium for at least two years, the policy receives the surrender value.
Income tax
  • At the end of the maturity, the insurance claim has to be deducted at source up to 5% on the surplus excluding the total deposited premium.
  • Income tax concession is available on the accumulated premium at the time of filing of personal income tax return.
  • The death claim is income-free.


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