1. Suchitra Sen and Uttam Kumar were one of the most popular pair in Bengali cinema. It is reported that Suchitra had asked the producer to write his name in the movie poster before Uttam Kumar.

2. Despite being extremely popular, Suchitra suddenly went on hiatus and had not been seen in public for almost three decades.

3. Suchitra went to New Delhi and refused to accept the award by the highly respected Dadasaheb Phal in India. He is the only star to deny the honor.

4. Suchitra won the Best Actress Award for being the first Indian to perform at the Moscow Film Festival in 7, starring in a seven-piece movie. Suchitra Sen refused to act in a movie directed by Satyajit Ray.

5. In addition to acting in Bengali cinema, Suchitra Sen earned a reputation for acting in some Hindi films. The Bollywood movie starring Suchitra includes Devdas, Andhi and Mamata. In his personal life he was very personable. She is the mother of actress Munmun Sen and the grandmother of Rima Sen and Raima Sen.

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