The dog will run on the remote!

The dog will run on the remote!
The dog will run on the remote!

The welfare of technology is changing a lot in people’s lives. Remote control is being used for technology products to make everything easier and less timely. Researchers have invented the technology of running a dog through a remote, in keeping with human comfort.

Researchers say this has opened new avenues for the use of haptics in communication between humans and dogs. Haptics means touch control and computer communication technology.

The technology is guided by a remote on the ‘vibration vest’ fitted to the dog’s body. The dog works according to that. Researchers are currently testing this technology on a dog named ‘Tie’.

Four vibration motors have been used in the dog’s body vest with this technology developed at Bengurion University in Israel. After sending various vibrations with remote control, the dog is responding to it.

Professor Amir Shapiro said, “As a result, the owner of the pet can instruct the pet from a distance. Such dogs can be used in the army and in search and rescue.


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