The PUBG was banned in Jordan

The PUBG was banned in Jordan

PUBG has been banned in various countries of the world on various charges. He was added to the list this year. This online game is banned for the detrimental effect.

Jordan’s telecom regulator said the game was officially banned from users for malicious intent.

On this side PUBG is quite popular in Jordan. The popularity of this game among the youth of the country is tight. Earlier, the country’s telecom authorities had raised concerns about this.

Jordanian psychologists claim that the rule of the game is to brutally kill other players during the game. This type of game-play can lead to envy among young people. It was then decided to ban PUBG.

Earlier, PUBG had been banned in Iraq and Nepal. This game is banned in Gujarat and Indonesia in India.

It should be noted that PUBG or Player Announces Battlegrounds are popular all over the world. There are about 100 million accounts around the world in this game. About 20 million people play this game regularly every month. This online game is gaining more popularity as the Internet becomes available on smartphones.

As a career, many are choosing to play PUBG. In many countries, including India, PUBG organizers or other organizations regularly host tournaments. Winning a tournament is a chance to win big bucks. That’s why young people are more attracted to this game.

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