Akshay Kumar has been acting in Indian cinema for more than two and a half decades. Several of his films gained huge popularity. Akshay Kumar’s featured films in the last decade include Special 20 ‘, Baby, Airlift and Rustom.

The Bollywood star remembered the discrimination he had suffered at the beginning of his career. In an interview to the media, Akshay said that he was considered an outsider in the film at the beginning of his career.

The 6-year-old actor said, “An actor’s good will depend on the hits and flops of his movie.”

Akshay also played the role of the two heroes in several films. Akshay also said that he had been discriminated against during the shooting. He said, “Yes, I can remember. The role of the two in the cinema is equal. But he (the assistant) took up a large room equipped. I have to take a single room. He’s got a luxury car. I’ve got to come on the bus. Yes, it really is. ‘

Referring to the role of many in changing the film industry, Akshay said, “When my cinema is good, I get a big room. Occasionally business classes are also in the alliance.

He has flopped three to four times during his 25-and-a-half-year film career. But the failure did not put him in danger, the star said.

The current talk movie Akshay Kumar starring ‘Padman’ is slated to release on January 26 next. It was created by director and balcony. There has been a lot of response since the trailer of the film was recently released.

Padman is a biopic from Arunachal, a small Tamil Nadu entrepreneur. Who has discovered healthy napkins at affordable prices for women to raise awareness in the rural areas. Sonam Kapoor and Radhika have played important roles in the movie.

Apart from this, Bollywood’s legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan will be seen in a special role.

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